Letter: Rubio, Jindal should team up to correct Obama falsehoods

Feb. 22, 2013 @ 12:05 AM


Here is a great plan for the next presidential election: Let the Republican Party have a convention and nominate Marco Rubio as President and Bobby Jindal as Vice President.

These competent and highly intelligent people should immediately start a daily information system about the political situation in this country. The Democrats, for the eight years of President Bush’s term, used the liberal media to bash any idea or plan that he presented to the Congress or the public. By the end of eight years they had called President Bush every name in the book and some that I have never heard.

The current President now does the same thing and blames our pathetic situation on every move made by President Bush. Rubio and Jindal should now do the same thing. They should have an opportunity every day to correct the present administration’s ideas on a host of things, just to correct the misinformation, socialist ideas, kingly ideas of bypassing Congress by just signing a presidential order, and add to all that the everyday use of Air Force One as a personal taxi for himself and his family and even the family dog.

Wonder how much this use costs the American taxpayer? So, with this plan, at the end of this four-year term the American people will have many correct facts and actual plans to improve this country. Then the question: Will intelligent people begin to belive we can correct the mistakes and arrogance of this administration?

Edward C. Welsh