Letter to the editor: Pigeon Forge has had alcohol served for years

Feb. 17, 2013 @ 11:03 PM

Since I don’t live in Pigeon Forge, I suppose I should not write a letter to The Mountain Press concerning the upcoming “liquor by the drink” feud and referendum. However, I do work in Pigeon Forge, wave in its parades and truly believe in being a happy face for a town I love.

With that in mind, I feel I have a stake in its future, and will cast my opinion whether it’s counted or not.

While I appreciate the stand by concerned citizens and outspoken city commission members in its vigilance of keeping watch on possible double dealing, good ole cousin contract awarding, rezoning for payoffs and profits, voting for debt and other city commission sins, I feel its purpose to protect and patrol the morals of citizens, and our tourist based economy is based in non-reality theology.

As I see it, John Barleycorn, Bud & Bordeaux set up shop in Pigeon Forge some time ago. We forgave them for their sins, as we took tax dollars produced by guests and citizenry in search of having a drink with dinner. If we are already serving alcohol, what makes an ounce of Jack Daniel’s any stronger than a glass of Chablis?

The difference between attracting solid, well-known businesses to set up shop for the benefit of our school kids versus a full shot glass won’t make me want to step up to the bar and have a drink. I don’t even drink.

For a city that spends a ton of money on publicity, the free publicity we’ve created lately is not the kind we need.

Billy Baker

Pittman Center