Flying flag upside down to protest Obama is wrong

Nov. 30, 2012 @ 12:13 AM


In response to the doom-and-gloom letter to the editor published recently from the man who is flying his flag upside down to protest President Obama’s re-election, I believe it is an insult to any educated American. The great American flag should not be used in such a disgraceful political protest. I believe most people, especially our veterans, would agree.

Only in America ... I guess you can do anything you wish to our flag. But that does not make it right.

My deceased husband of 40 years was from the Ukraine. He was also a veteran. He became a U.S. citizen in 1949. He knew very well what a communist Russia was like. It was worse than terrible. He loved this country very much. I would have loved to see him live long enough to see the current president re-elected. He also thought our president wants the best for our country.

I have studied our president’s ideologies and associations. Nowhere have I discovered he wants a socialist, communist government. I believe what he meant by transforming the country is having a healthcare system for all Americans. If we don’t want or like Obamacare, we can keep our insurance we have now.

I am not endorsing any candidate. All I am saying is, his health plan was approved by the Supreme Court. I don’t think we should all give up and lower our flags. We should give our fairly elected president a chance. After all, he was born in the U.S.

Thank God for freedom of speech.

Jeanette Szuja