Nation’s religious freedom slowing being chipped away

Dec. 11, 2012 @ 12:27 AM


Merry Christmas! How long will it be before these words will be eliminated from the voices of the American people?

I am saddened and a little angry that our religious freedom is being chipped away by angry atheists and other non-believers, little by little.

As I watch the news around the world, and especially here in this country, I see judges ruling that displays of the nativity scene are illegal. Why is that so? Our Constitution guarantees us the right to expressions of our faith. Who, but Satan himself, has gotten into our judicial system, our courts, and yes, our politicians.

Though there may be some God-fearing representatives in our Congress, more and more secular people are being elected. Therefore, they will not stand up for organizations who want to share their faith in God. Our own president won’t honor or recognize Christians for fear of offending. Offending who? That is not his real reason, or any of his business, but I won’t go into that here. I have my own personal beliefs about that.

I am glad to see some Christian groups are beginning to challenge these illegal rulings, and hopefully will let those who object to Christian displays, that we are here to stay. At least until the Lord returns. Churches, you have an obligation to let your voices be heard loud and clear. If God sent His only Son to Earth to die for mankind, then we have to share that wonderful story and especially at Christmas. Don’t water down the story of the birth, resurrection and return of Jesus. That is the reason for all seasons.

I will not stand by and be silenced, and if this present administration issues executive orders to the contrary and forbids us to express our faith in God, then America is doomed. We need to stand by Israel, for they are God’s chosen people. No one can defy God and go free. Maybe for awhile, but judgment will come and it will be swift.

I know I sound like I am preaching. No, just sharing what I believe to be the problem with America today. I want to be counted worthy of His love.

Mr. President, you need to pray and believe and be the example of the faith you claim to have. You have said you were saved. Then let America see the fruits of your salvation. Give us that freedom and free us from the restrictions that bind us. Let Christians express it in peaceful ways.

Restrict those who are trying to cause havoc in America. IIChron:7:14.

Jennie Draper