Letter: Blame game and talking points really to blame

Oct. 17, 2013 @ 11:13 PM


The letter (Oct.10) from Paul Medley reminds me of something I heard years ago. Instead of “talking points” that everybody including our lawmakers in Congress, the Senate, and “our” President seem to be unable to get past, they might as well say “talk to the hand” instead.

Either “talk” gets you nowhere, and neither does the “blame” game win any points.

I think the biggest mistake is fighting the ‘ACA’ (Obamacare) law.

Ready or not, (it) will self-destruct on its own. It is sad that “we” don’t have a “leader” that can figure out how “our” government works, (but) it has always managed to work in the past.

But attitudes have changed, now everyone wants their way. It’s a “me me”’ way of thinking.

Remembering what one said in the past, you have to remember what everyone else said, unless you think that’s unimportant. A once great nation is lost to selfishness and debt, I find that to be the sad point.

RC Davis