Letter: False health law accusations show people need to get facts

Jul. 25, 2013 @ 11:36 PM


A warning regarding "dhimmitude":

Each of us has the absolute right to choose what we are for and what we are against. Therefore each of us will either favor "Obamacare" or be opposed to that healthcare law. With that right to choose comes the responsibility to seek the truth to support your choice.

Emails and rumors are evidently circulating saying that the word "dhimmitude" is mentioned on either page 127 or page 107 of H.R. 3590 ("Obamacare") and that Muslims are exempt from buying health insurance. (The dictionary definition of "dhimmi" is "a person living in a region overrun by Muslim conquest who was accorded a protected status and allowed to retain his original faith.") You can read the law yourself and you will not find that word in the act at all.

Numerous legitimate websites debunk this false accusation, including Wikipedia, factcheck.org and politifact.com. The full text of H.R. 3590 can be found on the Internet, all 906 pages, and can be read on your home computer or at your local library.

The United States is blessed with a public library system that provides access to information for and against all manner of issues. Sevier Countians are blessed to have six libraries in which anyone is free to enter, search, and find facts to support all beliefs.

To live and vote and voice opinions in a free country includes the responsibility to learn what is true. Use, and support your public libraries. "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." (KJV Bible)

Kenton Temple


Anna Porter Public Library