President Clinton set stage for programs like ‘Our Smokies’

Nov. 21, 2012 @ 12:31 AM



President Bill Clinton set the stage for Our Smokies Our Future (and all other such programs in numerous cities and counties across the country), including Knoxville. Clinton’s signature on Executive Order 12852, June 29, 1993, established the President’s Council on Sustainable Development—facilitating such programs as Our Smokies Our Future, Nine Counties One Vision, and similar development initiatives across the state and country.

When President Clinton signed Executive Order 12852, Dick Morris was Clinton’s senior political advisor and knew exactly the nature, content, and purpose of that order. Morris, a present-day political pundit and not a fan of the Democratic Party, said in his website video address, on Oct. 13, 2012, that “Agenda 21 . . . is a series of land-use regulations, proposed by the United Nations, now adopted by almost 2000 municipalities in the United States, to increase population density—move people away from suburbs, move them away from open spaces, away from rural areas, off the farm, into dense, urban situations where they don’t have to drive cars. And they can walk and bike. And that really is the goal of the planners.”

Knoxville is in the plan.

A retired Cuban-American entrepreneur and I shared breakfast the other day. He thinks OSOF is the harbinger of what he already saw in Marxist Cuba. He left. He saw it again in Marxist Venezuela. He left. Mike S. (from Marxist-era Poland) shared similar worries this summer.

The entrepreneur plans to stay and warn others.

Marc Hayes