Letter: Of course Tea Party is pro-Republican

Jan. 23, 2014 @ 11:56 PM


The Tea Party Chairman suggested in his letter (Jan. 19) that a false perception that the Tea Party is Pro-Republican and Anti Democrat exists. I think it is true perception because they support the GOP extreme right wing.

Right wing agenda:

Less regulation - A recent example of less regulation is W.Va. water pollution.

Cut taxes (for wealthy) - Wealthy keep their money and control the country. Their money comes from someone (and that someone is us) when we buy their products, provide tax breaks, and subsidies. Anyone noticed the division of salaries and wealth in this country?

Cut benefits - Kill Affordable Health Care or do not support it as in our own state and other red states. Cut welfare for those in need. I am not talking about the freeloaders, I am talking about folks with problems and folks hunting jobs when there are none. If you think there will ever be enough jobs to provide one for every human being in USA (let alone the world), then you have your head buried in your own good fortune. They would cut Social Security, and have cut benefits to veterans. I add that the Tea Party is against the cuts for veterans, playing politics and the patriotic game

Regression vs progression - Republican regression which is done by obstruction is a fact. The chairman, rightist apparently, wrote in so many words that many Republicans vote for nearly all economy killing leftist legislation. I add, they also vote against nearly all leftist legislation that would improve the economy, fix the infrastructure, and improve the position of the middle class.

Freedom - Certainly the Republicans stand for freedom depending on what the freedom relates too. They are not for freedom involving gays, and not for freedom to consult with doctors regarding abortion, and not freedom to vote (Red States in the last election and laws being passed at present). However, they are for freedom to pollute; for anything that makes more money for the one-percenters and to carry guns without a good background check (so when you get mad at someone texting or in a road rage situation you will have it ready to shoot first and ask questions later).

Tea Party supports Republicans? Yes, at least the conservative, extreme right wing Republicans. He condemns Rep. Roe’s votes and they have an effort to get rid of Sen Alexander. I personally have little use for Rep. Roe as all he does is follow the political agenda of the Republicans, complaining about Obamacare and the debt. Sen. Alexander also follows the R-Party, but at times he is a reasonable moderate.

That said, what we need is not a right wing Republican Party (Tea Party), but a moderate party that will do what is needed to pay the bills and pay off the debt (taxes required) and cut unnecessary spending. Plenty of room for both of those.

Congress would be a place to cut.

Paul B Medley II