Letter: What's the cost of airport expansion?

Apr. 15, 2014 @ 11:05 PM


About a year ago I wrote to you about the activity of the local airport. 

An article appeared in your paper reassuring the local citizens that a major earth-moving project to take the top off a hill at the east end was not an effort to expand the local airport to receive airline traffic.

When the project was completed, the earth moving trucks were left parked for about a month, they then began another project to take the hill down further and build huge earth dikes on the west end of the airport near the new hospital.

This equipment worked for many months and moved a lot of dirt.

Airport costs are generally paid by government funds (taxes paid by taxpayers). I have no idea how much has been spent but the large earth moving equipment is not cheap. Many millions have been used to improve the airport and the runway has been extended to the west. A new terminal has been built on the west end of the airport.

I believe the citizens of Sevierville should have an explanation of what is planned for the future.

Recently  you had a headline about a new member of the Citizens National Bank Board of Directors. I believe the citizens would be more interested in the future of a major noise source, such as the airport.

M.B. (Mike) Carmichael