Letter: Hard-working restaurant server deserves recognition

Apr. 10, 2013 @ 11:49 PM


I recently visited Sevierville’s Pizza Hut on a busy Monday night when, unfortunately, they were shorthanded. I just wanted to commend one of their waiters for doing such a good job under such a bad working condition.

There was not enough help to run the resturant and this young man, Rex Haney, seemed like he was working all positions. I witnessed him even running/jogging back and forth between customers, plus he always was smiling, apologizing for the long wait, gave us credits to make us happy (even though we didn’t complain), etc. He should get a raise.

I have never seen a person of his age group do as good of a job as he was doing. He name tag said “Employee of the Month” and I would dare say he deserved it. Mr. Haney, I imagine you will go far in life with your work ethic, but local businesses need to pay attention and snatch you up. You are definitely a prize.

Pizza Hut if fortunate to have you and should make you their trainer. I also must add that on day shift they also have a very friendly server that has been working for them for years and her name is Tanja. These two employees are great examples of the friendly atmosphere that will keep bringing tourists back to our area.

Patty Breeden