Letter: Not kneeling during football injury 'classless'

Aug. 31, 2013 @ 11:26 PM


Thursday night Sevierville Middle School hosted Seymour Middle School in football. During the game you had the usual injuries, but the respect shown by Sevierville Coach (Angelo) Raga was anything but usual.

Both teams had a few injury time outs during the game and out of respect for an injured teammate or opponent, Seymour's coaches had their team (both on and off the field) go to one knee, while Coach Raga had his players running on and off the field and others taking a breather.

Kneeling has been a long standing show of class and respect throughout sports whether it be in little league football or the NFL.

During the game I thought it was classless, but after the game I found out the real truth to the story. Parents of Sevierville's football players and a few players came and apologized to opposing parents and players after the game because Coach Raga "instructed" his players to never kneel when a player is injured on the field.

This is very classless of any coach but especially a coach that is supposed to be teaching these young teenagers good habits, good attitudes and values in life.

My hats off to the players and parents at Sevierville Middle for wanting to do the right thing. Sounds like Coach Raga can learn a thing or two from these young teenagers and their parents. 

Jason LaFollette