Letter: Losing 2 pet cats leaves owner nostalgic, grieving

Aug. 18, 2013 @ 11:12 PM


We read about and see on TV everyday occurances of violence, terror, political corruption, lives lost, communities distroyed. Well, I lost 2 dear friends I’d like to tell you about.

Just 2 days apart, Gemini and Simba were gone. From my 4 beautiful house cats I’m now down to just 2. Simba, a lovely longhaired white and gray Maine-coon with turquose blue eyes, lived with me for a record 27 years. Always in good health. Our vet said he’d never treated a feline older than 22 years old.

After 2 days of “fasting” Simba simply went to sleep in his bed in the kitchen while I continued canning home grown cucumbers and could keep an eye on him. Of course, he slept with me! They all do (did).

When I traveled from state to state in my truck towing my little travel trailer to work as a facepainter vendor at fairs and vendors for many, many years from Florida to Michigan. all my pets rode in the camper. They weren’t happy about that, but safer for them than in the truck with me.

I had a pet door installed in the camper and when we got to our destination I’d set up a cage and let them go out in it. Simba was always the most vocal when he’d have an answer to my inquiry “Who wants to go out?” He’d reply, “OOUUT!” He was the patriarch and now we’re all dealing with his absence.

Gemini was my perfect cat. A beautiful sleek short-haired pure black with green eyes who kept his figure, did the right thing, bonded with my puppy, loved on me curled up in my lap each morning as I read The Press, and was the first to retire each evening. How absolutely shocked I was to find him deceased in the morning when I went looking for him.

I got him as a kitten from a carnie when I was in Illinois working a fair just 8 years ago. The vet suggested he’d had an aneuysm. At least I don’t think there was any pain.

There are obituaries for our human friends and relatives and this is just one small rememberance for precious souls who graced my life. It’s been a very sad week.

Jo Jones