Letter: Businesses that must have liquor should go elsewhere

Jan. 19, 2013 @ 12:17 AM


One can’t help but wonder about all the trouble with the election in Pigeon Forge over liquor by the drink. You don’t have to do more than read the arrest reports in The Mountain Press for DUIs and accidents where alcohol was involved to understand why people don’t want more drinking in the city or county.

I read that the FBI might be investigating. I sincerely hope if they find anyone has broken the law, that they will be prosecuted. The people have voted on this a number of times and said no. Stop the stupidity.

If any business can’t survive in Pigeon Forge without liquor by the drink, go somewhere else. First you get liquor, then bars that stay open until 3 a.m., for the small amount of tax that would go to the Pigeon Forge schools. It would be easier to just raise the property taxes. Voting is my right and I always vote.

After what has been admitted by the workers for the election, Ms. Ronee Flynn, the administrator of elections, should resign. She is not capable of doing the job, and if she will not resign she should be fired. She is not up to the job.

Voting is one of the last rights we have left.

We are going to have to vote again in 45-60 days on liquor by the drink at a cost of $41,000. What a waste of our money.

To all property owners and people that live in Pigeon Forge, please get out and vote this referendum down for the last time.

Ed Loveday