Letter: We all need to support the volunteer fire department

Jul. 29, 2014 @ 01:59 PM


I want everybody in Sevier County to know what a great volunteer fire department we have in this community on Old Newport Highway. They will be there to help you when you need them.

I had total knees done in April and November 2004. I fell about 13 times after I had them done, but I was able to get up on my own.

But on Saturday evening, July 19, I was alone, and I fell. This time I was not able to get up. I needed help, and I couldn't get my legs to work.

So I called 911, and they got in touch with the volunteer fire department on Old Newport Highway. They were here in about six minutes to help me, after they got the call from 911.

The boys who came were Jeffrey Johnson Jr. and Andrew Lauer. They were great. I gave them a hug and thanked them for helping me.

I know I can count on my volunteer fire department. I will call on them again when I need help. I, Eda C. Patterson, can and do testify that they will help you when you need them.

Please remember the boys as they go out on a fire call. They are putting their lives in danger every time.

Show them that you care about them, and support them all you can. I'm going to. I believe in them. They need all the help you can and will give them. We all need to help them and support them in what they do.

Miss Eda C. Patterson