Letter: Anti-liquor faction resorts to familiar bullying tactics

Mar. 06, 2013 @ 11:57 PM


Say no to bullying.

I grew up with a mom that told me to make my own decisions and live my life the way I felt right. However, if those choices were not the ones she would have chosen I knew. The guilt was overwhelming and I often felt like I let her down. To this day if she disagrees she will come up with the most outrageous reason why my choice is not a good one. Looking back, it was a form of bullying.

Why am I telling you this? Because as I sit back and watch this whole liquor by the drink debate I see a strong parallel to how my mom treated me.

I don’t live in Pigeon Forge, but I see the campaigns. I hear the stories. I am infuriated by the anti-liquor group. The tactics they are using are bully and guilt tactics. Selling your kids? More crime? More car accidents? Really? You don’t need to preach to me about drunk drivers. I was hit head-on by one in Gatlinburg. He was on his way back to Pigeon Forge. Do you really think keeping liquor out of Pigeon Forge will keep drunks out?

Here is my biggest gripe and question. Why now and why just Pigeon Forge? If you are going to take a stand for something you believe so strongly in, then stand for it all around, not just when it suits your needs (political agenda).

Where was this group when they wanted beer and wine in restaurants? And why aren’t they protecting all of Sevier County? I didn’t see them stopping moonshine in Gatlinburg? They don’t seem to care about the distilleries that will be there.

I live in Gatlinburg, but I consider myself a resident of Sevier County. Why does this group only have an interest in Pigeon Forge? Why not look out for all of Sevier County? I have come to the opinion it is not about the liquor, but an agenda. The pro-liquor people have one. It is their businesses and the future of this area.

I believe if they win the businesses win, kids win and economy wins. In my opinion if anti-liquor wins then the kids lose, town loses, restaurants lose. And people will still consume alcohol in Pigeon Forge.

If Jess Davis follows through on his threat to move from here if he loses, it will have less of an impact on this town then if restaurants move and future ones choose other towns.

As I sit in my, what they call, “crime ridden, non family, accident prone city” (because we have liquor) “with my sold child,” I am tempted to move to Pigeon Forge (too bad I don’t own a hotel) just so I could vote.

Do I care about the actual liquor by the drink? No. I don’t drink. But I do care to take a stand against bullying and guilt trips by people. I can only hope that the residents of Pigeon Forge are strong enough and smart enough to stand and get out to vote.

Dawn Goehring


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