Letter: Politicians need to know that they work for people

Jan. 09, 2013 @ 11:38 PM


Well, I was so impressed by the letter to the editor headlined “Members of Congress have abused their office long enough,” written by Jackie Ward. I could not have agreed more or said it better than she did. What a great letter!

We need more and more people like her to let our politicians know we are fed up with their abuse of power. The trouble with these people is they don’t realize that they work for us, were voted into office by us, are paid by us, and we expect them to hold up the standards of the position for which they were hired. If they cannot abide by high moral obligations, then they need to be fired.

I hate committees, but I would like to see one committee made up of simple folks like me, that would watch the actions of every representative that is sent to D.C. to make sure they are doing their job. That includes the president too. He is not above the law, but he thinks he is. He is not royalty, but he thinks he is. He only has the power invested to him by us, the taxpayers.

I have never seen so much dishonesty, arrogance and disregard for the Constitution as being exhibited by the current administration. You guys are our employees and you need to do our bidding. If it wasn’t for Fox News, we wouldn’t know as much as we do now. The liberal media is a disaster.

There are those in D.C. who would strip us of every right afforded to us by our forefathers. Some even say the Constitution is irrelevant and needs to be done away with. When is this madness going to stop? Is it going to take a revolution to get their attention?

We have the opportunities to vote these bozos out of office, but when the time comes, many fail to vote, some are fooled into believing the lies candidates promise to tighten up and straighten up what is wrong in Washington. Folks, we need to do our homework, and stop electing liberals who promise the moon. What they forget to tell you is the moon is for themselves. The heck with their constituents.

I am fed up with Washington. I will not vote for either party candidate any more. I would hope many of you reading this will follow suit. Wake up America! We are losing it and it is our own fault. I say fire everyone of them and start over and let them know, “we are watching you.”

Jennie Draper