Letter to the editor: Members of Congress have abused their office long enough

Jan. 07, 2013 @ 11:16 PM


Ladies/gentlemen of the Congress of the United States of America:

As a long-term taxpaying citizen of the United States, I, along with millions of citizens, feel we have been jerked around long enough. You and your colleagues have wasted taxpayer money on friends, travel and foolish laws/regulations/contributions. It’s now time to become a peer person.

This means you don’t vote yourself a pay raise, the population of the country will decide if you’ve earned an increase; you don’t get the cheap haircut/perm, you pay the going rates we pay; you don’t eat free, you must abide by the laws of the IRS as any company worker must follow, same for using government vehicles; if you travel you pay going flight costs as any citizen of the U.S.

The fleet of airplanes you’ve been using won’t be needed any longer. If you travel to foreign countries it must be for a legitimate business purpose, not some foray to bring friends and family on a vacation at the cost of U.S. citizens. You’ll see not as many friends traveling since they will have to pay their own costs.

Government vehicles driven and/or chauffeured will cost you per the IRS laws required of people driving company vehicles. You pay to drive vehicles to work and home and the vehicles can only be used for business purposes. Believe me, everywhere you go is not a business purpose.

Your retirement will be based on the same criteria as the military’s: No life pension for serving just one term in office. You immediately start paying going rates for all insurances like the general public pays. No more freebies, you haven’t earned them.

Voting for regulations or laws, new or existing, requires you sign, before you vote, a sworn statement that you have thoroughly read and understand it. No more passing laws without reading them.

You swore to represent the citizens of the United States, not just the rich people or corporate offices, but the entire population of this country. All laws and regulations must be drafted and reviewed for their effect on all Americans and states. None of this opting out like in the Obamacare law. If it’s good enough for a state it’s good enough for all states.

No more Democrat/Republican/independent bull. You have accepted the office to represent the people, not the party. If you can’t abide by representing all of the people, get out of office, you don’t belong there.

You’ve had years to do the right thing but continue wasting time, effort and money by arguing and stalling. Time’s up. This is a new year needing a new beginning. Waiting until the last minute then end-running something around the people won’t make it any more. You’re for us or you’re not. If not, leave. We won’t miss you.

Those trying to do the right thing for America: Good for you, but you’ll still be watched. Two terms in office are enough.

Politicians must be honorable in dealing with the citizens you represent. Less than honorable, unacceptable. Put us back on track as the Constitution started us. We’ve never been a socialist country and don’t want to be now. Do your appointed job or let someone else have that chair.

Jackie H. Ward