Letter: For safety, yield to yellow lights

Nov. 23, 2013 @ 11:20 PM


I am writing in response to the two deaths on Chapman Highwy last week due to the person running the red traffic light.  

It has become more apparent to me in the last few weeks that people are becoming less aware and they are not yielding to the yellow traffic light.  In a lot of instances, they are flat out running the traffic light when it is red. If you sit at any busy intersection in town, you will see this on a daily basis.  I understand that as peoples lives continue to get more and more hectic and busy, they are looking for ways to make up lost time but at what cost?  

I know this is not the first death to occur because of someone failing to yield to a red light, but a lot of accidents could be avoided if people would become more aware of the consequences of their actions.  

The next time you see a traffic light turn yellow, don’t speed up to try to avoid stopping.  It just might save someone’s life.

Jill Watts