Letter: President acting childishly

Nov. 08, 2013 @ 11:34 PM


Barack Obama has the mind of a perpetual child. He lives in a world of “me” and is trapped in limbo, neither a child or adult.

Perpetual children are narcissists demanding to be the center of attention and so enamored with self.

Anything or anyone that detracts from them or their childish remarks are virulently attacked.

As Commander-in-Chief he is totally inept and child-like. His childish responses to everything are endangering our freedoms. He constantly repeats the same line, “I didn’t know anything about it,” after every scandal that occurs in his administration. I remember years ago another character saying the same thing, “I know nothing.” His name was Sgt. Schultz on the television show “Hogan’s Heroes.”

The founding fathers realized the importance of a free press and that their purpose was to protect people from the government instead of what the media is doing today, protecting the government from the people. 

Shame on the news media today for protecting the “perpetual child.”

It’s important to remember that people not willing to stand up for freedom will not enjoy freedom for long. It’s time for this imposter to leave!

John Noyer