Letter: Voting no on liquor is acting for the children

Feb. 11, 2013 @ 12:04 AM


I grew up here in the Bible Belt and during my first 12 years of school the principals always started the day by saying a prayer over the public address system. They did it for the children.

The adults around me taught right from wrong not only by their words, but also by example. They knew my little eyes were watching them very carefully to see if they lived by the same words they spoke. They would never have allowed politicians to push destructive activities into our lives for the almighty dollar, so the politicians decided to use a different strategy.

In order to get us to go along with their plans they simply told us they were doing it for the children. When they wanted to push a higher sales tax in Sevier County they told us it was for the children and that it would go to the schools to provide the extra money they so sorely needed. They sold voters on gambling with the state lottery the same way by telling us it too was for the children.

And now they are trying to force liquor onto the citizens of Pigeon Forge using the very same tactics. We are even told some parents are salivating at the thought of more money for the schools. They seem to think there will be no more need for fundraisers. Does that mean Gatlinburg and Sevierville, who already have the liquor tax money, are now free of fundraisers?

We need to be teaching our children that the end does not justify the means. I for one will be voting against liquor and against any city commissioner who does not stand up against this attack on our city and who have refused to hear the voters who have twice said no to liquor.

I am tired of elected officials who refuse to listen to the people who put them in office. Remember how the Pigeon Forge Mayor told us they would force the bars to close by midnight before the election, and how after they thought they had won the referendum he told us the state controlled the hours and the bars could stay open until 3 a.m?

We need to remain an island of morality between the cities of Gatlinburg and Sevierville, where liquor flows until early morning. They argue that we allowed beer and wine so what is the big deal? The truth is the city commissioners voted in alcohol. Also, 17 pastors spoke out against the city selling beer in the new convention center, yet the commissioners ignored their concerns. The citizens’ opinions were not heard and therefore they had no voice on the matter.

I will not allow them to wear me down with their incessant revotes. I for one will vote to keep Pigeon Forge a safe haven for families with children. On March 14 I will be heard by casting my no vote, and I will do it for the children.

Jim Bishop

Pigeon Forge