Letter: Second Amendment doesn’t mention self-defense, hunting

Feb. 05, 2013 @ 11:43 PM


I must take issue with several items stated in a Jan. 31 letter as a response to a previous letter. The writer states as fact that “All four guns used in the Columbine school shootings were bought at gun shows without background checks and questionaires.” Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris possessed four guns, 99 explosive devices and four knives.

The four firearms were two .12-gauge shotguns, a High Point 995 carbine and a TEC-DC9. The two shotguns and the carbine were bought by Robyn K. Anderson at a gun show in 1998. Anderson was a friend of Harris but did not face charges for acting as a straw purchaser for him. I do not know why.

Mark Manes and Philip Duran served time for supplying them the TEC-DC9. Whether Anderson, Manes or Duran passed a background check will never be known as those records are destroyed immediately and for good reason. Eric Harris turned 18 two weeks before the massacre and could have legally bought the firearms himself as his juvenile record would have been expunged.

The writer also asserts that an ATF “study” found 30 percent of all crime guns can be traced to gun shows and flea markets. I am almost certain I read somewhere that it is actually less than 1 percent. Criminals do not buy guns at gun shows and flea markets. If a felon attempts to buy one but is rejected because of the background check, he should be prosecuted because it is against the law for him to even attempt to obtain a firearm. And “somewhere” beats the ATF with blood on its hands as a source of information.

And now to my favorite part of his letter: “I believe assault type weapons and high capacity ammunition clips belong with the military and law enforcement only.” For thousands of years we used rocks and pointed sticks. What differentiates an assault weapon from a regular weapon? He wants guns banned because they look more dangerous than other guns.

As a “former police firearms trainer” he should know firearms nomenclature. He should know the difference between a clip and a magazine. Ban clips all you want to — the magazine holds bullets in the gun. Harris had 13 ten-round magazines from which he fired 96 shots. Klebold fired his .12-gauge pump shotgun 25 times.

The framers of the Constitution were protected by a standing army and police/constabulary forces as are we. They felt strongly that an armed populace was the only constraint on an over-reaching central government. That is why the Second Amendment was worded as it is. We have the God-given right to rise up and oppose — force of arms if necessary — unconstitutional laws, regulations, demands and decrees. The Second Amendment does not mention self-defense, hunting or target practice. Those come naturally to an armed society.

On Dec. 14, a madman murdered 20 children at Sandy Hook Elementary — a gun-free zone. Everyone demands we do something. But if all the abortions in the U.S. on that date had been performed at the same time in a centralized location, this gun dialogue would not even be happening.

Ben Pack