Letter: Bullies' methods victimize Smokies

Oct. 03, 2013 @ 11:29 PM


I was amazed to read the quote by Representative Phil Roe on the cover of the Oct. 2 edition of The Mountain Press.  How stupid does he think we are? 

“Unfortunately, the Democratic-controlled Senate voted to shut the government down by choosing to give Members of Congress special treatment from Obamacare.” 

Can anyone in their right mind believe this has anything to do with the government shutdown? We in the Smokies are primary victims of this politically-motivated government shutdown.  This is the most beautiful time of year, when countless tourists should be coming here to enjoy these beautiful mountains, and the Tea Party Republicans are acting like a gang of junior-high bullies, intimidating their timid victims. We, the American taxpayers, are their victims.

The only reason the government has shut down is because those bullies are angry that they didn’t get their way.  They are furious that poor people might enjoy the benefits of health care and that those who can afford it are now forced to share their good fortune.  The Supreme Court has judged that Obamacare is constitutional.  The law has passed.  These ignorant bullies should grow up and accept reality.  Telling us lies about their own fantasies is ridiculous.

Charles Clemens