Letter: We are not Deen's 'people'

Jun. 23, 2014 @ 04:55 PM


Your headline in Friday's paper is off. Paula Deen is a cook, not a chef.

To be called a chef, one must go to culinary school and work to achieve that title. So for all the chefs in our area — give them their due.

In Gatlinburg this lady quoted, "These are my people," first quoted by Dolly Parton not long ago. I believe Deen is from Georgia — that doesn't make us her people.

She's trying very hard to bring back the big cash and notoriety to her name.

First, she should be grateful Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg want her. Second, don't take on the title chef and refer to those who like her as fans, not "my people."

Not a fan,

Beverly A. Dean

Pigeon Forge