Letter: Time for United States to put an end to foreign aid

Jun. 02, 2013 @ 01:08 AM


Is it responsible to give your neighbor money before you pay your own bills and take care of your own family’s needs? Of course not. Common sense and fiscal responsibility dictate you should give to others only from your excess. Ask any financial planner. I was one before I retired.

That being said, and considering the state of our country and our fellow countrymen, the time has come to curtail all the foreign aid to other countries. This amounts to over $50 billion a year. That’s right. Look it up on the Internet at the State Department website. This is foreign aid that for the most part is given for diplomatic and political reasons, for strategic alliances with countries that don’t like us or openly hate us.

Of course government tells us “you don’t understand.” No, we don’t understand. With the economic turmoil this country is in, why are we giving away billions of dollars to others? We have a national public debt that is at an unbelievable, unprecedented high. How can we be the caretakers of the world when we can’t take care of ourselves.

After you get through the distorted way our government has devised to measure unemployment, you find unemployment is not below 8 percent, it is really over 13 percent. Despite government reports, and their new method of measuring inflation, the cost of essentials such as food, fuel, clothing, and other necessities are rapidly spiraling upward. Because of the unemployment and “underemployment,” those living in poverty, the hungry and the homeless, are rapidly increasing.

Retirement funds for senior citizens have become inadequate or have disappeared. Meanwhile, property values, most families’ greatest asset, have plummeted, while mortgage foreclosures are in the millions nationwide and increasing. The local, State, and federal taxes on just about everything we do or buy keep increasing “for the common good.” Our government in Washington keeps telling us all is well and improving despite the fact that it is obviously not true.

This has to end. Our tax money must be better spent. The average housewife has more common sense than most legislators and government administrators. What is necessary is to establish a strong defensive posture in the world to protect our hated ideals; diplomatically tell the world community we can no longer afford to subsidize and support the rest of the world; eliminate all foreign aid including the United Nations; balance our national budget through sound fiscal planning and responsibility; and take care of our own people through carefully constructed relief programs for the unemployed, impoverished and homeless.

We must shrink the size and scope of the federal government and transfer the power and responsibility back to the state governments. Let us return to the original structure, organization and responsibility of our federal government as designed by our Founding Fathers.

Grant L. Alford