Letter: Actions of the insane should not weaken 2nd Amendment

Jan. 16, 2013 @ 12:32 AM


I am tired of the political opportunists shrill wailing about gun control. The tragedy in Sandy Hook is that, a tragedy, but evil men have been slaughtering the defenseless for thousands of years, with whatever is at hand.

Guns have been with us for hundreds of years, and semi-automatics since before WWI. We did not have an epidemic of mass shootings from 1900 through 1980 and guns could be legally bought anywhere, including through the mail, without a background check until 1968. What changed?

First, gun laws became more restrictive on honest citizens; that didn’t work out well. And, second, our compassion overruled our common sense, because until the latter part of the 20th century we institutionalized the criminally insane. People like Loughner, Lanza, Holmes, and Seung-Hui Cho would have been institutionalized, receiving the treatment they needed and protecting society from their insanity. But we mainstreamed these sick people, putting all of us, including the sick, at risk.

The actions of the insane are not justification to strip the rights of the sane and honest citizens. The Second Amendment is not about securing hunting rights; that was not a consideration. The 2nd Amendment specifically recognizes the right of honest citizens to bear arms, of sufficient power, to protect liberty, domestically.

Most of you never knew that in Tennessee a group of citizens, led by WWII veterans, took up arms against a corrupt local government. It was the Battle of Athens. And when Israeli schools became targets of terrorist murderers, the Israelis trained and armed teachers. No more Israeli schools became targets. They don’t believe in teaching the students to cower and die in the face of evil.

For those who trust the government to do the right thing, ask the Indians what they think of U.S. government promises. The Trail of Tears, Wounded Knee, and smallpox infected blankets in the winter speak volumes to how much you can trust our government.

The founding fathers understood people and governments, knowing both could be corrupted, and insisted on having the 2nd Amendment included in the Constitution so that honest citizens could defend themselves against an all controlling government.

Alan B. Watts