Letter: Basketball owner’s rights trampled

May. 12, 2014 @ 08:18 AM


I’m concerned the way our country is headed.

Concerning (Donald Sterling) who is the owner of the basketball team, yes what he said was not nice at all, but I thought in this country we are guaranteed the right to free speech, not we are guaranteed free speech only if we say something that everybody likes.

It appears that freedom has been taken from us in favor of political correctness. We can force someone to lose their business as in Paula Deen, or sell their business because they said something bad that we didn’t like.

Yes it is shameful what he said, but that is an opinion and he is entitled to it in our Constitution. We have the right to free speech and every person in this country should be screaming in outrage that anyone’s rights have been taken away.

When did we all get so sensitive in this country that we can not take a little criticism and get over it? That is what mature responsible people do. Get over it and move on. Have we become a country of overly-sensitive whiners ? Where is the outrage? Why is no one standing up for this man and his constitutional rights ?


Jane Muldoon