Letter: Reader thanks Sevier County citizens for help

Feb. 15, 2014 @ 11:27 PM


My brother-in-law, Ronnie Newman, died on Feb. 3. His life insurance policy had not been in effect long enough to pay, and his family was devastated by the cost for his funeral.

A bad situation has turned out for good for his family. The people of Sevier County came together and donated the full cost of the funeral. I did not know my brother-in-law was so well known.

He worked for Food City in Sevierville where he had met a lot of people. His family and friends donated over $8,000 in five days. Individuals in the community and Food City came together and brought food to the family.

Death is always a sad time for any family but when you live in a place as great as Sevier County and the people help out like they did, it makes life a little easier. The family is overwhelmed by such kindness and wishes to thank every one who helped.

I always knew we lived in one of the best places in the world but when a community goes above and beyond, it makes living here even better. Thank you the people of Sevier County, Food City, and anyone else who helped in this sad time.

Thank You,

Ken McClanahan