Letter: Sevierville officer punished for trying to fight corruption

Jun. 10, 2013 @ 11:32 PM


So there’s this police captain, see? Been with the force for 30 or so years. Knows the ropes. Sees someone altering a police document. A crime. Reports it to the assistant district attorney. Reports the potential crime to the local prosecutor.

Good job, officer!

Except ... instead of a pat on the back, a citation, even a promotion, he gets demoted two ranks and his pay cut $7,000 a year. What’s wrong with this picture?

According to a city mouthpiece, he circumvented his chief. And whistleblowing is bad if reported to someone not directly elected by voters. Huh? This is the city’s defense? Not that a mistake or false report was made. No, they don’t dispute that.

It’s that the police captain didn’t play by the unwritten rules: Don’t squeal on your fellow officers, even if they are dirty. Don’t go outside the department with the dirt. If you do, you will pay dearly.

Bless your heart, officer. If only more of us were so brave and honest.

Damn the corruption in our midst. Who will stand against it? In modern America, if you fight “the man,” you get audited by the IRS. You get investigated by the FBI. You might even get harassed by the local police.

Who will stand up?

Jack E. Maples