Letter to the editor: Good gun users must deter those who would abuse them

Dec. 26, 2012 @ 11:23 PM


False cause:

Unarmed, slaughtered children and adults are dead (and in other such school, church, mall, and theater shootings of the past) because of present-day U.S. firearms laws and the 2nd Amendment.

Criminals violate laws; gun criminals violate whatever the gun laws may be — strict laws, lax laws, illogical laws.

Therefore, gun laws apply effectively only to the law-abiding civilians, police, and military.

False choices menu:

A — Confiscate all guns from the civilians, leaving guns in the hands only of the criminals, the police, and military.

B — Outlaw semi-auto weapons for the civilians leaving semi-auto guns in the hands only of the criminals, the police, and military.

C — Outlaw for civilians all weapons’ magazines holding more than five rounds of ammunition leaving 10-round+ magazines only in the hands of criminals, the police, and military.

I could go on. But I won’t.

Real solutions:

Station uniformed, armed police (with marked police cars in evidence) at every school, meaning fewer police-car roving patrols. Or arm and train rigorously school employees (making them to be reserve deputy sheriffs — with identifying police apparel) who perform this security duty as a second responsibility.  

No elementary, middle, or high school campus with armed police officers assigned has been attacked.

Ultimately, good gun users must deter or intervene against bad gun users. Ask a soldier or a police officer — or a civilian who has defended self or others.

Marc Hayes