Veteran reconsiders flying American flag at half-staff

Dec. 21, 2012 @ 11:08 PM


First let me express my highest regard to The Mountain Press editorial staff for their use of their Opinion page to publish all views of a subject. This, I believe, is the exception not the norm for all forms of media.

On Nov. 21, 2012 a letter from me was printed in The Mountain Press regarding the placing of my flag at half staff due to the re-election of the President to a second term.

I have reconsidered keeping my flag at half staff and will be raising it to full staff except on the days that are authorized for it to be at half staff. This change is the result of looking up the meaning and proper procedures for the flag listed in the flag code, and the belief that I must fight for my country by continuing to display the flag.

I have not changed my belief that the re-elected president will make every effort to transform my country into a socialist/communist government. Once again I ask that everyone listen to and pay close attention to what our government is doing and the results.

I take strong exception to persons stating I placed my flag upside down. I did not say this and would ask that persons opposing a person’s view be more careful to be accurate.

Regarding a letter to editor dated Dec 1, I did not lower my flag at half staff to protest the re-election of the president but his desire to transform my country into what I believe would be communism. I do believe President Bush and many other politicians on the right and left are responsible for getting our country into a financial mess. I also believe, had the desire been there, President Obama and other politicians on the right and left should have been able to have our country in a lot better financial condition then it is.

President Obama was not the choice of the people, as you stated; he was the choice of the majority of the people. There have been other persons elected to this office on the right and left that have not turned out to be the best person for the country. The statement that no one man can turn a country to communism is very naive. A look back into history will show that this did occur. Again, all I ask is that everyone pay attention to what our government is doing.

I am a veteran and feel ashamed that I flew the flag at half staff, not upside down as several people have stated. Veterans have a bond with each other and I ask for their forgiveness for my actions. I have been too quick to give up on my country. She has faced many assaults and has always returned to the great nation and principles she was founded on. I need to try other ways to bring concern for my belief that my country is being transformed into something far different then it was intended to be.

Many people would be more informed about our flag if they looked up and read the flag code.

Kurt Smith