Letter: Americans need to stand up

Jul. 15, 2014 @ 04:44 PM


Thank goodness that we still have people in this country like Dick Dierenbach. His letter to the editor on July 10, is great and true. His response to another letter to the editor told the truth that many people in this country do not understand.

For example: Yesterday, July 10, the President flew on Air Force One to Texas to check on the huge illegal immigration problem. He did not go to the border to check for himself but said that he had been there before and completely understands the problem.

Then he went to meeting to raise money for Democrats. Then on his news conference he blamed the Republicans for the mess saying they were not passing his $3-plus billion request to solve the problem.

He failed to mention that a huge portion of this request would go for housing, medical and other things for the illegals and the rest would be for border protection. So wonder how the liberals will turn this one around to their so called advantage.

I wonder when the silent majority in this country will stand up for the truth instead of sitting around complaining about what is happening to our freedoms. Stand up Americans ...

Edward Welsh