Letter: Reader says racism not the reason for president's issues

Jul. 09, 2014 @ 03:42 PM


The (letter to the editor) which appeared in the July 2 edition of The Mountain Press entitled "Reader: We're living through historically poor era of government" will certainly cause people to be absolutely befuddled by the illogic of the writer.

In this letter, the writer had the unbelievable audacity to blame the Republicans by accusing them of "six years of unprecedented obstruction." He also made the absolutely asinine statement that the entire problem is caused by the president's race, ignoring the fact that this president is probably the worst, the most inept, the most arrogant, the most evil, and the most lying president we ever had ("If you like your doctor, you may keep your doctor," etc.).

I must remind the writer that in all the years that the Democrats have been in control of the Senate, Obama and his policies have caused the U.S. to lose the leadership of the free world. Obama's ill-thought decision to pull all our troops out of Iraq has caused the turmoil we now see in this country. And the formation of a new radical Muslim country called ISIS is possible due to his mishandling. The Red Line fiasco in Syria was an absolute abomination (or should I say "Obomination?"). When Syria crossed the red line, Obama did absolutely nothing after threatening the Syrians not to do so.

Once friendly foreign governments can no longer depend on the U.S. in any crises. And let's not forget Benghazi (enough said?).

Even the Supreme Court, which Obama has attempted to stack with his cronies, has ruled against his objectives. Major decisions by this court have been political defeats for the president, one even with a unanimous veto by a vote of 9-0. Another major defeat was caused by a vote in favor of Hobby Lobby. Other decisions have been contrary to Obama's objectives.

Anyone with even the least bit of spiritual discernment could see that the U.S. was (and is) in deep trouble when Obama declared that the United States is not a Christian nation. He further embarrassed the nation by calling a professional athlete and congratulation him for admitting publicly that he was gay, and telling him that he was proud of him. God help the United States.

Dick Dierenbach