Election means a president who favors equality has won

Nov. 10, 2012 @ 03:22 PM



I am happy the election went as it did in that we continue to have a president that believes in equality as evidenced by support for gays, women, the poor and middle class. In other words, not just the rich.

He believes in investment in infrastructure, education, science, alternative energy. He does not believe in rule of the world by war and military strength alone, but does believe in defending our nation as evidence by going after bin Laden and use of drones. He believes in Simpson-Bowles for solving budget problems by increasing revenue and spending cuts.

I am happy the Senate maintained a Democratic majority to prevent the ridiculous efforts of the Republicans to repeal Health Care Reform and pass benefits for 1 percent in this country. Another benefit is moderates appointed to the Supreme Court.

I am also happy there was a rejection of the Republican abortion opponent, Aiken, and others who made ridiculous statements regarding abortion, rape, and God's will. That shows even the people of Missouri, at least its women, can use some common sense at times.

I am very happy the super rich PACs did not buy the election. Billions spent on an election is a sad thing and worse now with the Supreme Court rulings regarding PACs. It is one of our system's real problems of buying influence. Money that could be well spent for real needs. However, at least it does create some jobs for TV, newspapers, and advertisement businesses.

I am unhappy that the regressive, rule by religion, obstructionist Republicans maintained control of the House. That means Speaker Boehner along with the likes of the Tea Party, Cantor, Paul, Ryan, Limbaugh, O'Reilly, Fox, and PACs will still be there to block everything. Examples: their non-support for Simpson-Bowles recommendations for revenue increases and spending cuts, their non-support of a $4 to $1 spending cut to revenue increase proposed by Obama, their non-support of a job building proposal and infrastructure improvements, their non-support of health care reform. They basically only worry about their own pockets and not the country.

It is sad Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is still in the Senate. His announced priority was to prevent Obama's second term. He and the rest of his group failed on that point and I hope they will fail to obstruct things in the future.

As far as Tennessee is concerned, it is Republican all the way, no matter the situation. That is evidenced by the conservative 4th district voting by a large majority to re-elect DesJarlais, with his pro-life/anti-abortion stance. Anti-abortion except after having an affair with a patient and then encouraged his mistress to get an abortion. If that is not enough to make you wonder about the meaning and beliefs of the word conservative? Another word that might be more appropriate is hypocritical.

Paul Medley