Letter: Roe v. Wade didn't invent abortion

Jan. 07, 2014 @ 11:49 PM


I read with interest (Sevier County Right to Life President Ursula Beckman's) appeal for others to “stand with you to show our community that we care for the respect and protection of all human life (Letter to the Editor, Jan. 4).”

Reading on, I see “that it will be a silent and respectful walk in memory of the many lives taken by the cruelty of abortion, since it was legalized in 1973.”

I am rather hopeful that you might be willing to give some time and some thought to the many lives taken by the cruelty of abortion before it became legal in 1973. Those numbers include not just unborn babies but their mothers as well. Roe v. Wade did not invent abortion, it took it from back alleys into sanitary arenas, saving many lives and putting some very unsavory tradesmen out of business.

As you do, I lament any loss of life, but I would prefer to see more effort made to prevent pregnancies that cause young women to be forced to choose, but I am very grateful they may make a safe choice. I also pray to God daily to keep me aware of whose job it is to judge.

Pam Johnsen

Pigeon Forge