Letter: Sevier Countians go out of way to help

Jan. 04, 2014 @ 11:46 PM


We moved here over 22 years ago for the way this county welcomed you with open arms when we got here. The friendliness and kindness of all the people we have met here and have grown to love, made us stay here to cherish where we live.

A recent experience we just had with my sister visiting us speaks volumes of what our area is about. She broke down coming to visit me and almost made it here, but could drive no more off of 66. My husband Hal met her there and Terry Bradley with Bradley Towing arrived and towed her car in a matter of minutes to JMR Enterprises with Chuck Reagan and C.W. Beal. A few days later it went to J & J Muffler on Christmas Eve. We then tried to take it to Rocky Top Dodge, where John McClure, their service rider got it in before they closed for Christmas. After Christmas it went back to JMR Enterprises to finally solve the mystery illness it had.

All of these people went above and beyond the call of duty during the holiday and could not of been more caring or concerned that my sister wanted to get back home, so problem had to be solved. She could not believe how many people wanted to help us and were so reasonable in their charges. She missed Christmas with her family, but the 14-year-old car made it back to Indy without a glitch after all of the strange problems and is running like a champ now.

This is what I love about Sevier County, my hometown. I could not be more proud of the people that live and work here! Thank you Sevier County for showing your true colors from the heart!

Sheila Johns