Letter: Christianity in the drawer at post office

Dec. 12, 2013 @ 11:58 PM


In recent years, much has been said concerning the separation of church and state.

This has resulted in the removal of religious displays on public property, stopping prayer before sporting events, the removal of Christmas decorations in schools and other public buildings and pressure to discontinue. This prohibition is supposed to apply to all religions .

You can imagine my surprise when I walked into our Sevierville Post Office and saw a poster displaying the 2013 “Holiday” stamps. On the poster was a picture of a poinsettia, a gingerbread house, a menorah and the symbol for Kwanzaa. What was missing? A stamp depicting the Holy family or any stamp that shows Jesus Christ was not on display. After all, Jesus Christ is the reason we celebrate Christmas.

As far back as the arrival of the Pilgrims in 1620, (as written in the Mayflower Compact), spreading the good news of Jesus was one of their purposes for coming to America. For the entire history of America, Christmas meant celebrating the birth of Christ. Now we are relegated to the drawer in the post office.

If this concerns you, please voice your opinion to the post master, your congressman, senator or the postmaster general. Someone made this decision and it certainly was not the majority of Americans who call themselves Christians.

Verna Finwick