Letter: Thanks to a good Samaritan

Dec. 13, 2013 @ 11:29 PM


Yes folks, there are angels among us! Last Saturday I was rushing to get my weekly trash to the nice collection center off Boyds Creek Highway when my “trusty” old car refused to get me there. So there I am on a very busy two-lane Boyds Creek Highway with my car broke down wondering, “What am I to do?”

No cell phone, limited mobility and my cane when a remarkable young stranger “Mike” and his fine sons offer to help me get to a safe pull off, called on his cell phone to get AAA tow and the Sheriff’s Department for back up to patrol traffic as it was becoming very hectic. Mike — I think was his name — was so kind, considerate and comforting and the Sheriff’s Department officer J. Finchum was also caring and concerned.

Those wonderful young men will never be forgotten and they are heroes in my daily thoughts and prayers. My sincerest thanks again to “Mike” and his boys for taking time to help out a “silly old woman” who wasn’t sure what she was going to  do next and to Officer J. Finchum for bringing me home. I am so thankful to live in Sevier County where folks really do care and go the extra mile to help someone in need!


Pat L. Nealy