Letter: Reader cautions against Common Core

Jan. 31, 2014 @ 11:49 PM


The President speaks in Nashville on the 30th, in part, to tout Common-Core education from his McGavock High School presidential podium.

Here are the Common Core facts:

  • 100 percent of local/state educational control is now flowing to leftist D.C. (zero constitutional authority for federal control of education)—including Sevier.
  • Students will be taught doses of leftist academic content that is egregiously objectionable, demonstrably false, and/or is age or subject-matter inappropriate—including Sevier.

Common Core is a leftist effort to make education in the United States nationally uniform in its governing and in its curriculum. Both educational categories are being set up to be run by the United States Department of Education rather than by parents/local school boards, state governors, state legislators, and state departments of education.

The following extract deals with this control and content succinctly and rationally (Cato Institute article—December 13, 2013—McCluskey contradicts Dr. Michelle Rhee, founder of leftist Students First, a Common Core cheerleading organization and campaign funder to 46 Tennessee legislators — amounts ranging from $15,500 to $1,000, according to votesmart.org):

“Let’s start with the most aggravating thing she (Rhee) does in her piece (Politico, December 12, 2013): imply that anyone who opposes the Core based on concerns about Washington’s role in it is proffering a ‘false narrative of a federal takeover’ and making ‘wild claims.’ As Core apologists have done repeatedly, Rhee utterly ignores the $4.35-billion Race to the Top program that de facto required Core adoption to compete (in Race to the Top), and No Child Left Behind waiver rules that locked most states into the Core. She also turns a blind eye to the overall trajectory of federal education policy, which went from decades of mainly providing money, to requirements that states have standards and tests, to now pushing specific standards and testsSEmDand let’s be honest, that ultimately means curriculaSEmDon schools.” 

A final aspect of curriculum to come — most Tennesseans will object to this yet-to-be-implemented “health” Common Core standard:

“’No longer do moms and dads get to educate their kids at home about their views on sexuality,’ (Dr. Duke Pesta said), citing Christians and members of other faiths. ‘The state standards mandate that every kid in kindergarten, first, and second grade engage in these exercises.’ By the time kids reach third grade, (Duke) continued, they will have to make arguments explaining why ‘there is no such thing as gender biology.’” (New American, October 18, 2013, words of Dr. Duke Pesta, Common Core opponent and University of Wisconsin English Professor who testified against Common Core before Wisconsin legislators)

Local school officials — school board and Dr. Parton — bear no responsibility for your loss of control in power or control over academic content, nor can they restore it.

What to do? Call your Tennessee Representative and Senator, saying, “Stop Common Core!” Sevier teachers, students, and parents should not have to “Bite the (Common Core) bullet.”

Marc Hayes, Ph.D.

(44 years an educator)