Letter: Prescriptions not the answer to stop meth

Jan. 25, 2014 @ 11:50 PM


Senator Overbey and other legislators are pushing for a prescription requirement for safe over-the-counter cold medicines – legislation that has gone nowhere in the past. They seem to think it’s a cure-all for Tennessee’s meth problem. But these people ignore the burden it will put on Tennesseans who abide by the law.

What about Tennessee families, who already are dealing with health care expenses? It’s hard enough to get in to see a doctor, and in rural areas, there aren’t enough primary care doctors as it is. If you’ve got to have a prescription every time your allergies flare up, how much more crowded will waiting rooms get?

Why don’t Senator Overbey and the other legislators go to the heart of the matter – the criminals? Throwing one more law at the problem will do nothing but punish honest Tennesseans.

Should the General Assembly tell us how to treat a cold? I don’t think so.


Bill Ferrill