Letter: More people riding in the wagon than pulling it

Aug. 14, 2013 @ 11:04 PM


I was interested to see the letters from Mr. Dayton and Mr. Dierenbach, the opposite ends of our politico-socioeconomic-religious stick. I read Mr. Dayton’s railings about Congress’s responsibility to approve all voting law bills written in several villainous states in the South before they can become law. That’s Supreme Court territory, not the U.S Congress.

I enjoyed his discussion of the new health care law called Obamacare by the president himself, but referred to by Mr. Dayton as the Affordable Health Care Act. Mr. Dayton has yet to endorse the recent edict by Mr. Obama which exempts many union memberships, all federal legislators and their staffs along with many other federal employees from the mandates imposed by it. I impatiently await Mr. Dayton’s take on these issues.

Incidentally, I think any person who can make it to the polling place should be allowed to vote ... don’t you, Mr. Dayton?

Mr. Dierenbach, on the other hand, is convinced that God placed an AR-15 in the hands of a deranged young man and directed him to force his way into Sandy Hook school and murder a couple dozen children. This and several other horrible incidents are punishment to a wicked nation full of evil.

Mr. D. cites the scripture concerning God’s causing rain to fall on the just and the unjust (Matt. 5:44-45). In this passage, rain represents good things, not bad things. I believe this scripture is irrelevant to the suffering of “innocents.” Not surprisingly, no mention of “Judge not,” nor “...him among you who is without sin.”

It was also interesting that Mr. D predicted many scary, harmful and disastrous happenings which God will place on all of us in the future. Best I could tell, all of those disasters have been happening regularly for eons. I would be surprised did they not continue to occur.

My take on our nation’s future can be illustrated by an analogy I heard: Our nation’s socio-economic progress is represented by a wagon traveling cross country. Early in the journey (our history), there were few people being pulled by a vast majority. The riders were unable to pull their own weight.

As time and the journey continued, more folks felt the desire to be in the wagon pulled by a decreasing percentage of people traveling. Recently, the number of folks riding in the wagon has surpassed the number helping pull the wagon. It is important to know that each person, both pulling and riding, has a vote as to who must pull and who may ride.

Do you think that the majority of those voting riders and pullers will ever vote for more people to leave the comfort of the wagon and resume pulling? I don’t think any other issue facing our country can alter the imperative of the riders to continue their free ride.

However, I am compelled to paraphrase Margaret Thatcher: “Sooner or later you run out of other people to pull the wagon.”

Dr. Frank H. Alden