Letter: Rescue Squad came through when family needed assistance

Aug. 11, 2013 @ 11:56 PM


It seems like lately, the Sevier County Rescue Squad is getting a lot of press concerning their experience having to do with rescues, etc. Our rescue squad does a lot more things behind the scenes which our community never hears about.

I personally would like to relate a story of how this group actually had to rescue my wife and me from our home off of Lane Hollow in Sevierville.

My dad was in a local assisted living facility. It was in the middle of winter and he had to have surgery at the medical center in Sevierville very early one morning. It had snowed and iced over the night before his surgery. At 4:30 a.m. I realized we would not be able to get our car down the hill off our street to get to him and take him to the hospital.

In my distress I finally called 911 to try and get some help. The dispatcher was very nice. We worked together and he finally suggested that since I was in the county, I should call the Sevier County Rescue Squad to see if they may be able to help. I did.

A gentleman answered the phone, and I explained my problems. He was very nice and within a very short period of time my wife and I heard this truck slowly coming up our road, sliding and slipping as he came up the hill.

The gentleman was extremely helpful. He got my wife and me down a very treacherous hill, and we arrived at the hospital just in time to get my dad to his surgery.

As new leaders of the squad are now coming in, I wish Todd Spence well in continuing to develop the Sevier County Rescue Squad into a top notch service group for our county. To Jim Kyker, I want to say thank you for the services you have provided in the past, especially to my wife and me in taking care of my dad in time of need.

Michael Krombholz