Letter: Arrowmont supporters need to let their feelings be known

Aug. 03, 2013 @ 11:17 PM


I would like to urge all residents of Gatlinburg and Sevier County to join me in expressing the urgency of saving our beloved Arrowmont. It is the one beacon still standing and operating that is the epitome of our heritage. We need to let our elected officials know our feelings as they attend the very important mediation meeting on Monday.

Arrowmont could not be created today. It is the history of our city, our county, our heritage, begun 100 years ago. Our grandparents, our parents, ourselves, our children and grandchildren have found meaning in the artistic education, the culture (our culture), the beauty that feeds our very soul — and the souls of so many who come to Arrowmomt for these and many other reasons.

Residents of many states across this great nation of ours have found our charming village through Arrowmont and have brought their families back to enjoy the many things our area offers.

Children in most schools in our county are beneficiaries of the excellent art offered in their school by resident artists from Arrowmont. A school of Appalachian Culture is now offered to selected students from across the county for a full week at Arrowmont.

Much has been done to enhance the ambience of our area, but where else can you find the oasis offered by Arrowmont? It brings to mind the loss to our entire area when we allowed the old Mountain View Hotel to be torn down. Please let our city and county leaders hear from you.

Barbara Huff Beville

Arrowmont Board member