Letter: Student says books the smarter choice for education

Jun. 03, 2014 @ 03:59 PM

(Editor’s note: Northview Academy ninth grade English teacher Lori Hill had her classroom practice writing formal letters by sending some to local and national businesses. Several chose to write letters to the editor. This letter came later than the others, which were published together on May 27.)


Tablets and textbooks are both very excellent ways to educate kindergarten through 12th graders, but I believe textbooks would benefit children much more.

Tablets are extremely costly compared to textbooks. If a younder child was to drop a tablet and it was to break, then there goes $500. 

Textbooks give children the opportunity to learn how to look up what they need to know on their own. In addition, if you look at the tablet too long it can cause headaches and eye problems. Textbooks are and have been doing the job for hundreds of years.

We should let them continue educating the children of generations to come.


LaShay Ogle