Letter: Local reps deserve credit for votes on annexation bill

Mar. 01, 2014 @ 11:03 PM


The Sevier County Tea Party would like to publicly acknowledge our state representatives Dale Carr and Andrew Farmer for their votes on HB 590, the bill that gives Tennesseans the right to vote for annexation.

Annexation is a complicated and touchy issue, too complicated to explain here. The state has tried to deal with it using urbanization boundary statutes, regulations, and other means. Even still, cities like Chattanooga are trying to manipulate those regulations to annex Signal Mountain against the will of the people in order to increase their tax revenue. If Chattanooga were to be successful, then other municipalities would use their blueprint to force unwanted annexation.

I’m sure our representatives were lobbied hard to vote against this bill, and we thank them for representing the people who elected them, not the lobbyists or the interests they serve.

Steve Osborn

Sevier County Tea Party Chairman