Letter: All facts needed in Seymour incorporation discussion

Feb. 27, 2014 @ 11:22 PM


Your front page article by Jeff Farrell in the Feb. 9 issue was good reporting. I think it presented the facts as a journalist should, and I commend Mr. Farrell for a job well done. In that article, you quoted some commissioners saying they talked with no one for (incorporation). I have talked with numerous voters who are divided into “for” and “against” but mostly “want to hear the whole story.”

I was asked a few weeks ago to attend and contribute to a meeting where the attendees discussed the possibility of incorporating Seymour. I have attended two small group meetings where I had suggested that a complete cash flow analysis be prepared before the meeting, but time apparently prevented that from happening. Later, I asked for and got a copy of the PowerPoint presentation that was used.

I expressed to those in attendance at that time, and it is still my position, that the answer to whether Seymour should become a city rests in the results of a complete cost/benefit analysis.

Few people, including me, want more bureaucracy and a new city portends to be that. However, many residents have told me in discussions long before this issue was brought up that they feel Seymour has not gotten what the incorporated cities have such as facilities for the youngsters to play or hold Scout meetings, etc.

Another public meeting was held this past week that I was not able to attend, and it apparently was not a pleasant meeting according to your reporting and statements to me by some attendees. It is a shame that people cannot come together and discuss issues in a professional manner. Some of it (was) allegedly set up.

Our leaders (county commissioners) should help in controlling such outbursts and be willing to look at it and discuss it as leaders. At the same time, those making the presentation need to present the cost/benefit analyze like any business decision to be made.

Should Seymour become an incorporated city? Let’s gather all the facts and the costs and vote intelligently.

Mel Canterbury