Letter: Thanks for the story on Cristin Sutphin

Feb. 26, 2014 @ 11:33 PM


Thank you to Jake Old for a lovely article about beautiful Cristin Sutphin (Feb. 23).

I know it was almost a generation ago, 15 yrs, and people now do not know who she was, but Jake’s story helped others to know her. Cristin was in my son’s high school class. At graduation she sang “The Wind Beneath My Wings” in that clear and strong soprano voice, dedicating it to her parents. It was so touching. She was so earnest and lovely.

I remember that sad and tragic November day. She was on her way to see her little sister perform at the Fantasy of Trees after picking up her friend Kelly, happy and excited. In a nanosecond, she was gone. All that sweet beauty, gone. My son hung his head in disbelief and sorrow, “Not Cristin,” he said. “Why is it always the good ones, Mom?” The depth of the sorrow in our wailing community could have been heard on the moon. I cried as I read Jake’s fine story. Cristin was the best of humanity. Godspeed to an angel.

Thank you, Jake.

Pam Salem