Letter: Reader disagrees with officials’ ‘job lock’ claims

Feb. 14, 2014 @ 11:36 PM


Understanding Democrat terminology:

Job Lock — A full time job with the benefits that you have had for more than one year and is reasonably secure. Not good.

Job Mobility — Losing a full time job with benefits and going in search of three part time jobs with no benefits. Very good.

Example: Bob was happily working full time for a big corporation for 17 years with great benefits (job lock). Obamacare went into effect, and as a result, he was laid off losing his benefits and went searching for three part time jobs with no benefits (job mobility).

Summary: Bob is benefiting from Obamacare by being free from job lock and having more choices about his future with job mobility.

These are the words straight out of the mouths of Barack Obama and Jay Carney explaining the greatness of losing your full time job and now having the freedom to work three part time jobs instead! With Obamacare in place everyone is now free to become the under/unemployed free spirits they always wanted to be! This is the truth according to Obama.

Remember Nancy Pelosi said we would all have more time to write poetry now that we are all unemployed? It’s really believable that these three said these things and the Democrats are saying, “Yes, we want more of this.”

John Noyer