United Nations link to OSOF will be seen soon

Nov. 09, 2012 @ 04:02 PM


Our Smokies Our Future: time for some clarity beyond what you have read in the front-page article on Oct. 28. Gianni Longo is, as The Mountain Press says, a "reputable man" (Oct. 30 editorial). Longo is both an architect and a community-visioning facilitator.

Here is how the facilitator portion of this progressive system works. It has been used in more than 600 U.S. cities:

1. Funding for facilitated visioning is secured ... from private and/or public (taxpayer) sources — no link to United Nations yet.

2. Visioning facilitator hired for about $75,000; and public/private visioning sessions are conducted to gather community ideas — with the visioning steered toward air, water, land and transportation ideas (often including education). No link to UN yet.

3. Voting on vision survey (scheduled for Nov. 13). No link to UN yet.

4. Plan developed from vision survey and adopted by local government. No link to UN yet.

5. Local government applies for U.S. government sustainable development grants (with strings necessitating zoning, ordinance, and regulatory regimes that are anti-constitutional/anti-private-property rights), as given genesis by Clinton's Executive Order 12852, 1993. UN now involved, as strings from Agenda 21 are inherent in the implementation U.S. government grant.

6. Grant(s) accepted — local government enacts required changes. UN via the U.S. government enters Sevier County.

7. Private-property rights gradually encroached upon in Sevier thereafter. UN becomes entrenched via the federal government/local government. UN subversive policy becomes entrenched here.

Now you know how Longo fits into the bigger picture.

Rhonda Armbrester

Cosby (Sevier County)