Election Commission should do what’s right on liquor vote

Dec. 08, 2012 @ 12:34 AM


Sevier County Election Commission: Remember what your mamas told you a long time ago, do what’s right.

This Pigeon Forge liquor referendum will affect all of us Sevier County citizens and the millions who visit here for many years to come. You have the responsibility to do what’s right, not just what’s legal. They’re not always the same.

The referendum passed by 100 votes. Over 300 are in question. It’s real simple. Those who had the right to vote on it and weren’t given the opportunity, let them vote. Those who voted on it and shouldn’t have been given the opportunity, toss out their votes.

Citizens everywhere deserve the right to know what the legitimate voters preferred on the day of election. Do what’s right.

Don’t hide behind the mantra that they’re always questionable votes in elections. Proportionally, there are too many in this one to be dismissed as election worker error, or some other simple mistakes.

Forging ahead folks, do what’s right. Don’t you honestly want to know what the legitimate voters of Pigeon Forge preferred on election day? If we don’t find out, this referendum will always have a cloud over it, and so will you — and the Election Commission.

Stand up and say we need to know what the rightful voters of Pigeon Forge wanted on that day. We’re not afraid of the votes.

Do what’s right. Your mamas would be proud.

Carey Jones