Editorial: Traffic moving smoothy so far at new school on Highway 66

Aug. 20, 2013 @ 11:45 PM

Initially even the possibility of a new high school opening on Highway 66 in Kodak was horrifying for commuters that frequent the drive between Interstate 40 and Sevierville.

Whether it was concern for the safety of students, the potential for the danger of young drivers on a busy highway or just the thought of the gridlock at the school during tourist season, the worst was expected.

But so far, things have gone swimmingly.

Aside from a few first-day hiccups related to parents picking up students and maneuvering through the parking lot on Friday, Northview Academy hasn't had any real problems in dealing with the traffic flow coming off of, or onto, Highway 66.

"It was much better Monday," the school's principal, Greg Clark, said. "It worked about as good as it can work. It's getting better, everybody's being patient and doing the best that they can."

Of course, the school is getting a lot of quality help from the Sevierville Police Department, which is directing traffic in the area before and after school to help keep things progressing in an orderly fashion.

"It takes a while to load (the students) out, but the traffic is gone enough that the buses haven't had trouble getting in," Clark said.

All in all, it's been a nice cooperative effort between the city and school staff to ensure things go smoothly.

Whether or not things remain that way when three more grades are added, as well as 16-year-old drivers, is anybody's guess.

At least for now the worst fears of a traffic nightmare on Highway 66 at the Academy appear to have been premature.